Practice English with Speakers — Virtual clubs offer unparalleled flexibility. Connect with like-minded people globally. An online Toastmasters club is a game-changer for personal & professional development. Improve public speaking. Excellent personal growth. Boost your confidence. Supportive group training.


    • Subject /Verb /Nous/ Other Words

    • Tenses

    • Daily usable words

    • Simple Present Tense

    • Continues Present Tense

    • Perfect continues Present Tense

    • Perfect Present Tense

    •  Simple Past Tense

    • Continues Past Tense

    • Perfect Past Tense

    • Perfect continues Past Tense

    • Simple future Tense

    • Continues Future Tense

    • Perfect Future Tense

    • Perfect Continues Tense

    • Should

    • Can

    • Could

    • Would

    • Has to/ have to

    • Had to

    • Direct and Indirect Speech

    • Might

    • May

    • Must

    • Active voice and Passive voice

    • Simple spoken English Conversation

    • Asking Questions to Everyday

    • My self

    • My school

    • Diwali

    • Use AI Tools about English

    • Group discussion

    • Games about English

    • Interview in English

    • Paragraph in English

    • Revision

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English speaking is an essential need now a days. English Help you build your confidence in the outer world. English is the language of business. Globalization made it a necessity for every company to hire English known employees. English is also important for our self-confidence and own well-knowledge

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